HOFOCO X Cool Foods Co.

HOFOCO X Cool Foods Co.
Being from Santa Monica, Cool Foods founders have always aimed to impact their community in positive ways. As we all know, Los Angeles is a big city with a huge population, so, creating impact without strong partnerships can be hard. 
One of Cool Foods closest partners and collaborators is the Hollywood Food Coalition. An organization that provides a warm, nutritious meal along with access to basic daily needs, such as clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, and hygiene items, as well as assistance with housing placement and referrals.
At Cool Foods, we run a 1 For 1 promotion, multiple times per year, matching every ounce sold as a donation to HOFOCO and their incredible work. From meal service to grocery boxes, our delicious bacon bits bring a new and exciting element to the people that benefit from HOFOCO's incredible work. The best part about it, is witnessing the positive impact they have on their community and of course the smiles we see when that crunchy, salty, bacony feeling comes back into someones life.
We are honored to work along side such a dedicated organization serving a beautiful community that deserves ever bit of support we can give. So keep your eyes and ears open for our next 1 For 1 campaign and through buying some tasty bacon bits for yourself, you are giving a bag to someone who greatly needs access to nutrient rich foods. 
Until next time....THANK YOU HOFOCO! 
You can learn more about The Hollywood Food Coalition through the link below. 


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