One of the easiest ways to make salads taste better is to treat them with toppers. Popular options include croutons, cheeses, and bacon bits. However, the last two pose problems for those who prefer to avoid animal products. A variety of solutions have been developed, but bacon has proved to be one of the most challenging for several vegan foods makers. 

Cool Foods has accepted this challenge, and believes that it has beaten it with its Toppers line of vegan bacon bits. Its product is made from pure, simple pinto beans. Familiar seasonings are then applied to recreate the taste of two popular bacon flavors. There's Hickory Smoke, which is always a winner in the bacon market, and Maple, which has a sweeter overtone. 

Bacon bits have always been popular as salad toppers because their small, sprinkleable size lets them be spread evenly on top of salads. However, they are not limited to this use. For those who don't want to use real bacon, veggie bacon is a great alternative in plenty of non-salad dishes. Put some on a vegan burger to spark up the flavor, in your breakfast burrito or even as the secret ingredient in a delicious bacon bean dip.

At this time, Toppers are only available in sprinkle form rather than as strips. This avoids any problems with frying them up or keeping their texture with cooking. In the future, strips may enter the market. For now, though, veggie bacon bits are the best option for this imitation meat product. If you've gone vegan and are still craving bacon, pick up a bag or two of Toppers from Cool Foods today. You'll love being able to taste that cravable bacon flavor – without the meat.