One of the most popular desserts for both children and adults alike is Jell-O. However, as its name implies, it is based on gelatin, which is an animal product. This makes it unacceptable for vegans, who eat no animal-based products at all. Because of this, many have turned to vegan desserts that are nothing like the iconic gelatin brand, but they still miss their old favorites. 

Now, there is finally a tasty vegan Jell-O substitute, thanks to Cool Foods. Currently, Black Cherry and Orange are in production, with more likely to come. These vegan desserts come in cups, which makes it easy to pack them in lunches or take to events. They are non-GMO and free of all gelatin. 

Thanks to their professional, attractive packaging, your children won't feel like they are getting lesser versions of the famous brand. This will also help to keep them from being singled out by their less-understanding peers. Because of these things, children will be more eager to accept these vegan Jell-O alternatives than they would be if their versions looked homemade. 

As an adult Jell-O lover, you'll enjoy having the same texture that you did before you became a vegan, not to mention the refreshing fruit flavors. Of course, the convenience of the cup format will also please you as you grab one on your way to work. 

Look for Cool Foods' Jell-O alternatives in your favorite grocery store. If your store doesn't yet have them, be sure to ask about them. This will let the store know that you're interested, so they'll be more likely to start stocking them.