The number of vegetarian foods has exploded over the last few years. While some of this trend can be explained by an increase in the number of vegetarians and vegans, this isn't the only factor involved. Another, larger, trend is a greater emphasis on healthy foods in general. Many consider plant-based foods to be healthier than meat for a variety of reasons. These include a perception of plants being raised in cleaner conditions, concerns about added hormones and antibiotics that may be in meat, and the fact that meat generally contains higher amounts of fat and cholesterol as well as plant based foods creating a significantly smaller water and carbon footprint on our planet. 

Because of this, producers of vegetarian foods, like Cool Foods, are broadening their research and development efforts to reach people who once were not interested in this category. This is resulting in a flavor spectrum that is more in line with mainstream tastes. In turn, this is fueling yet more demand for plant-based meal and snack options. 
One of the most exciting products to come from these trends is veggie bacon. As the name implies, the product is meant to taste like bacon while actually being made from plants. Currently, veggie bacon does not replace the familiar crispy strips. Instead, it is sold in "sprinkle" form, and can replace real bacon on top of salads and other foods where it is used as an enhancement. This form avoids potential problems with how it would fry up or how crispy it would be, while still providing a good pop of bacony deliciousness. 

Veggie bacon from Cool Foods is actually made from pinto beans, and it comes in two flavors: hickory smoke and maple. This lets you get a satisfying amount of your beloved bacon flavors, with none of the concerns that would otherwise come with eating actual bacon. Try some today and open up your world to a whole new range of plant-based foods!