Most meat substitutes that have hit the shelves try to imitate forms of meat that are sold as patties. Imitation hamburger was one of the first, and plenty of improvements have been made to it through the years. Next came faux sausage, which is another dark-colored, patty-style meat. After that, meatless chicken nuggets appeared. However, a lot of consumers still had something else on their vegan wishlist: tasty meatless bacon. In fact, some would even say that they wouldn't consider going vegan unless they could still have their bacon. 

Now, Cool Foods has delivered the product people have been waiting for. Their meatless bacon makes it possible to get two forms of this delicious flavor. Its Toppers bacon substitute, made with pinto beans, comes in either hickory smoked or maple-flavored versions. This brings two of the most popular bacon treatments into meatless territory. 

As the name implies, the Toppers meat substitute does not come in the form of strips. Instead, it resembles bacon crumbles, and one of its main expected uses is to sprinkle it on top of salads. However, there really isn't any need to have a salad with it. It can be used on top of, or mixed into, anything that will taste better with a bit of bacony goodness. 

The next time bacon tries to stand between you and a healthy, meat-free lifestyle, don't give in to the temptation to visit the meat department. Try Toppers from Cool Foods instead, and see why it is destined to be the king of meat substitutes. Then, the hardest thing will be trying to resist the temptation to eat it all straight out of the bag!