Santa Monica Born


Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Cool Foods, Inc is a family of organically driven human beings who deliver fun and delicious plant-based foods that come from Mother Nature herself! This provides you with balanced nutrition and the world with a balanced ecosystem. We think that is pretty cool! We believe that by incorporating a plant-based diet, even in moderation, we can all help ourselves and our planet!

At Cool Foods, we are a group of planet lovers and adventure goers both on land and in the water. Plant-based foods are our passion, and we love them for a multitude of reasons which all support a fun and adventurous future.

From Then To Now

A family business grounded on the coast of California.

The Founder


Before Plant-Based foods were all the rage, Tom was playing in the natural food space, creating the Cool Foods we have today.

"Plant-Based foods are our future, it will take some juggling to get there, but we will."

Tom Mosk - 1982

The Next Gen.


The future is bright when the next generation is given the opportunity to drive.

Zoe as built a strong team around Cool Foods Inc evolving the brand before its time into a brand built to thrive with a growing community dedicated to health, re-wilding the earth and of course, PLAYING!

Venice Beach, CA // Remote Office A.K.A #waterfrontvenice

Cool Foods, plant based foods that are better for you and the planet.

Our Compass

1. Versatile & Tasty

Sprinkle On Everything Dip With Everything.

Along our road to plant-based products, it was our goal to create fun, tasty, and versatile foods. We started with our Plant-Based Bacon. With our tasty bean-based products, there are two ways to indulge. One, get that texture and crunch! Taste the crispy delicious flavor of Veggie Hickory Smoked Bacon Bits atop any meal of the day. Two, rehydrate those tasty beans and bam, you have a bean dip straight from the heavens.

2. Good For Mother Earth & Her Inhabitants

Low Carbon Footprint & Zero Water Waste.

At Cool Foods, we set out to create something that while providing nutrition to humans, would also provide a minimal carbon and water footprint on our earth. Our proprietary manufacturing process uses minimal processing, low heat application, and no water waste leaving the smallest impact on our environment while preserving nutrients for us!

3. Good For Humanity

Mother Earth Will Provide.

Plant-Based foods are our future. These earth given foods allow us to not only grow and produce the volume necessary to feed a global population growing at a staggering rate while using far less natural resources, but they also provide more protein and nutrients than meat products. By incorporating plant-based foods into our diets, even in moderation, we can improve our own health, and the health of our planet, protecting our precious natural resources.

4. Preserve Natural Playgrounds.

Who Doesn't Like To Play?

At Cool Foods, we love to adventure, play, and celebrate the beauty and fun Mother Earth provides. By adopting plant-based diets, even in moderation, we can have a massive positive impact on our planet. It is our goal to preserve these incredible experiences and habitats through inspiring plant-based diets..